Snigdha & Rishi

I love couple shoots. There's always so much love, and it's so much fun to see my clients interact and participate in something new. 

I met with Snigdha and Rishi last weekend - their wedding is coming up in 2 months (!!) and they wanted some engagement photos. We met up at the Legion of Honor (hands down my new favorite place in the city) early Sunday morning. 

I'm still drooling over those columns. The surrounding landscaping is nothing to sneeze at either.

Aren't they adorable? 

They had another set of outfits, so we had some fun with that. 

And then I got this sweet moment:

Rishi sheepishly mentioned that the shoot was pretty much Snigdha's idea, but they were both absolute pros. It was such a great session, and I wish them the best!

A lovely afternoon shoot with Rebekah

My favorite thing about living in a city is that there are always new spots to find. I met with Rebekah to do a portrait session a couple of weekends ago, and found Fay Park, a lovely little place with a gazebo tucked away near Russian Hill. My lovely model is hoping to build her modeling portfolio, and I was more than happy to help her out. I envisioned something simple and feminine for her. She was so easy to work with, and the shoot was a breeze, with the late afternoon sun giving us some fantastic lighting.

We had to move partway through the shoot, since someone was getting married at Fay Park that evening. I had a backup location a block away - a little playground and community garden area which had a variety of spots to shoot in.

I absolutely love Rebekah's smile and expression in these shots - girl is camera-ready! 

She did an outfit change for some added punch - the leather jacket and silver heels added an edge to the look.  

Rebekah was so nice to work with, and was such a natural in front of the camera! I hope her modeling career goes the way she'd like, and I'd love to shoot with her again!