Anna & Liney

Sometimes you have a shoot where everything in the planning seems to go wrong or is difficult to work out, at least at first. Anna & Liney's engagement session was one of those. Our originally planned date had to be switched due to family commitments, then I got sick, then the Bay Area decided that rain was cool after all. With the holidays around the corner, and the couple's wedding approaching in April, it was getting tougher to pin down a date. 

So I suggested doing it at 730am on a Wednesday before I headed to work - and props to Anna & Liney, they agreed to the early morning session. 

And that's when you have one of those shoots where everything kind of goes wrong at first and then comes together beautifully. The rain, the temperature, the clouds, basically all came together to form this gem of a scene.

I just adore the reflection and early morning light highlighting this couple's gorgeous outfits.

Aren't they adorable? I loved capturing their giddiness - which I'm pretty sure was partly fueled by the early hour :)

We were limited on time so I couldn't get more than a couple shots, but I can't wait to photograph their beautiful wedding in April! Congratulations Anna & Liney!